Thank you. Your generosity makes such a difference. It is humbling to receive, yet such an encouragement and practical blessing. It is through generous people like you – that we see and experience the Lord taking care of us. He is always faithful – it just looks different than what we see or often expect. We are praying that you are encouraged by the Lord’s faithfulness in your own life this Christmas. Warmest wishes to you. 
~ Chad and Carol

Thank you so much for blessing us DTS students and families. It especially means a lot at this time after a busy semester and not having the chance to see family. The dinner brings families from Swiss Tower and students from Washington Hall together on campus and it’s a very sweet time.
~ The Gaspar Family

Merry Christmas! We deeply appreciate your encouragement and support. I am an international student and your serving has helped me to adapt for this new culture. Also, your love for students definitely has encouraged us at DTS. Most of all, your serving reminds us of the love of Jesus Christ in the midst of the Christmas season. Thank you so much and I hope and pray that God would bless you with His peace and great love.
~ Wook and Sara

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful gift to us this Christmas! It is such a blessing to get to meet supporters and pray with them and enjoy this great meal. This year we are able to share this turkey basket with my grandfather, whom we are caring for after his surgery. Thank you for blessing us. 
~ Anne and Chris