Logos Bible Software for DTS Students

DTS has partnered with Logos Bible Software to offer $14,000 worth of biblical and theological resources to DTS students for free*. Dallas Theological Seminary is committed to training students to study all 66 books of the Bible
equipping them to Teach Truth and Love Well.

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Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly. And please feel free to contact us at admissions@dts.edu or 800-3-DALLAS

Teach Truth. Love Well.

The Best Biblical Resources

The DTS Logos bundle is a modified version of the Logos Silver package along with several key resources that will benefit students in their study.

View a list of all available resources.



All Platforms, All Students

Logos offers both full-featured desktop software (Mac and PC) and free mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire).

All currently enrolled DTS students** will receive the software and resources listed to the right. Students who graduate with a master's or doctoral degree will be able to keep the software for life.

*DTS underwrites the cost through donor support and a small portion of the technology fee.

**Please see exceptions in the FAQ section below for students graduating fall 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new student, how do I get the software?

You can download the core Logos software using the links below. The software will automatically download the package once your resources have been unlocked. Resources for new students will be unlocked 1-2 weeks after the start of your first semester.

Do current students get Logos 6?
Yes, in part. DTS students who already received Logos 5 in previous year, will get a free DTS Logos 6 Silver crossgrade which includes the new Core Engine as well as several new media and datasets. You should receive an email from Logos in early November. However, if you purchased the upgraded Gold package or desire the additional new Logos 6 Research Resources, you'll need to purchase an upgrade (See how Logos explains crossgrade and upgrade)
  • Logos 6 DTS Silver Crossgrade – Free to all students
  • Logos 6 DTS Gold Crossgrade - $54.95
  • Logos 6 DTS Silver Upgrade - $334.95
  • Logos 6 DTS Gold Upgrade - $874.95
Here is a list of all the datasets and resources included in each package. Please contact Logos for more details.
How do I login to the Logos program?
Once you've downloaded the software and your resources have been unlocked by Logos, you'll need to login using the primary email address on file with DTS and your password. If you have forgotten, or never established, a password for Logos, please use the following link to reset your password: https://www.logos.com/forgotpassword.
What if I'm having trouble with my DTS-Logos system or need help downloading the resources?
Please contact Logos first at 800-875-6467. If they cannot resolve the problem, please contact the Registrar's Office (registrar@dts.edu or 214-887-5350).
Why is DTS providing Logos to students?
DTS believes in equipping lifelong learners, whether on the Dallas campus or around the world, with the best tools and training available so that they will experience fruitful ministries for years to come.
Who will be able to use a Logos Bible Software system?
Any enrolled DTS student taking a course for credit. Unfortunately, audit-only students will not receive the Logos software.
How long will I have access?
The Logos software package is designed to be a lifelong resource for DTS students and graduates. All enrolled students have access while they are taking courses at DTS. Students who graduate from any master's or doctoral degree program beginning in spring 2014 will keep their Logos access for life.
Will I get any training?
Yes. Logos offers a wide range of helpful resources to get you started. Visit the Logos website for video tutorials that show you how to use Logos 5’s advanced features, like Bible Facts, Topic Guide, Clause Search, and more. You can also visit the Logos wiki for video tutorials created by expert Logos users and the official Logos trainer, Morris Proctor.

You can also join the Logos Forums to ask questions, connect with other Logos users, report issues, and get answers about our products.

In addition to Logos online training, Logos will conduct on-site training in Dallas and Houston a number of times each year. The Seminary will make multiple announcements as they approach so students can readily take advantage of them. Be sure to check Kerygma.
How much does it cost and how much will it save me on book purchases?
DTS underwrites the cost through donor support and a small portion of the technology fee. So, there is no extra cost for the student. By contrast, in addition to saving anywhere from $300-$700 on required books (depending on the degree program), students gain a library valued at over $14,000.
What books are included in the package?
See the complete list of books.
Are resources available in languages other than English?
Yes. While the default package contains English resources, select students may receive a modified package with either Chinese or Biblioteca Premier Bilingüe v.5.
What if I already own a Logos package?
Regardless of your package, any resources in the DTS package that you don't already own will be added to your library. If you already have a Logos.com account, please ensure that the account uses the same email address as the one you have on file with DTS. Resources that you purchased in the past or will purchase in the future will remain yours. They will not be overwritten or taken away from you. Please contact Logos at 800-875-6467 if you have account questions or problems.
Is there a discount for DTS alumni?
Yes! Logos is also offering DTS alumni a 15% discount on all base packages at www.logos.com/dts.