Join us as we learn to love all people in all contexts and proclaim Christ as the world's one hope.

  • Learn biblical, theological, and historical foundations, along with current research and methods
  • Experience practical reflections and assignments to understand the application of course materials
  • Through community with students and professors, be encouraged to faithfully follow your intercultural ministry

Missiology & Intercultural Ministries Degrees

Master of Theology Concentrations:

Students in the Home-Context Missions and International Missions concentrations will be equipped for a variety of ministry environments through training in cultural dynamics, intercultural communication, missions strategies, applied contextualization, and intercultural spiritual formation.

Master of Theology in Home-Context Missions

This concentration provides preparation for ministry in multi-ethnic and culturally diverse environments in North America.


  • MIM5325 Ministry in Multicultural America
  • MIM5440 Foundations of Christian Community Development

Master of Theology in International Missions

This concentration provides preparation for ministry in international environments.


  • MIM5205 Cultural Dynamics in Ministry
  • MIM5210 Intercultural Communication
  • MIM5215 Dynamics of Ministry Development

Master of Theology in Bible Translation

Students in this concentration will be equipped for the task of Bible translation.


  • AL5207 Field Data Management
  • AL5312 Discourse Analysis
  • AL5315 Semantics and Pragmatics
  • AL5316 Theory and Practice of Translation
  • AL5406 Field Methods and Linguistic Analysis

Select one of the following:

  • MIM5205 Cultural Dynamics in Ministry
  • MIM5540 Applied Biblical Contextualization (taken for 3 credit hours)
  • DIU Elective in Cultural Anthropology 

Because of the unique nature of Bible-translation ministry and the needs of Bible translators on the field, completion of this concentration requires 18 credit hours, most of which courses are offered at Dallas International University (DIU). Completion of this concentration fulfills the 9-hour requirement from the Division of Ministries and Communication.

Master of Theology in Evangelism and Discipleship

Students in this concentration will be equipped to do the work of evangelism and to develop disciples.


Select 12 hours from the following:

  • BE5540 Discipleship in the Gospels
  • EML5435 Effective Ministry with Women
  • EML5450 Women Teaching Women
  • EML5705 Principles and Practice of Disciple-Making
  • PM5251 Evangelistic Preaching
  • PM5405 Theology and Apologetics in Advanced Evangelism
  • ST5215 Issues in Soteriology and Sanctification
  • MIM5525 Spiritual Warfare
  • MIM5530 Cross-cultural Apologetics and Worldview Evangelism

Our Faculty

Our faculty have a passion for world missions and intercultural studies. They bring vast experience in global and local ministry, coupled with strong academic training in various disciplines that enhance the classroom experience.

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