Dr. Bailey came to the presidency with vast experience as a pastor and teacher. After graduating high school, he entered college as a pre-med student. While he was still eighteen, however, he became aware of God’s call to pursue ministry. During his undergraduate studies, Bailey completed a two-year degree in medicine and certification in X-ray technology from Maricopa Technical College in Phoenix, Arizona, and a BA degree from Southwestern College, also in Phoenix. He then earned an MDiv and Master of Theology from Western Seminary before coming to DTS to teach and to pursue doctoral studies. While at DTS, he served as assistant and associate professor in the Bible Exposition department. After earning his PhD from DTS in 1997, he took the title of professor.

In addition to his experience as an instructor, he also pastored at Community Bible Church in Irving, Texas, and Faith Bible Church in DeSoto, Texas. Complementing his giftedness in pastoring and instructing students in the classroom and at seminars as an instructor for Walk Thru the Bible Ministries were his administrative abilities in a variety of DTS roles. These included vice president of academic affairs, academic dean, and provost. Bailey has authored and co-authored multiple works exploring eschatology, dispensationalism, and the New Testament. In addition to his role as professor of Bible exposition, he serves as Chancellor of DTS.

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