The degree programs at DTS are designed to prepare godly servant-leaders for a wide variety of full-time ministry positions. The Master of Theology (ThM) includes the highest standard of training including languages and preaching, while the five ministry MA programs train students for specific ministries.

DTS Degrees & Programs

Each bar of color represents the number of hours devoted to that subject

Name Hours Emphasis
Master of Theology (ThM) 120 bible theology languages ministry custom
Master of Divinity* (MDiv) 90 bible theology languages ministry custom
Master of Sacred Theology (STM) 30 academics
MA in Biblical Counseling (MA/BC) 90 bible theology counseling
MA in Christian Education (MA/CE) 65 bible theology education
MA in Christian Leadership (MA/CL) 62 bible theology leadership
MA in Cross-cultural Ministries (MA/CM) 64 bible theology missions
MA in Media Arts & Worship (MA/MW) 67 bible theology media/worship
MA in Biblical Studies (MA(BS)) 62 bible theology general
MA in Biblical Exegesis & Linguistics (MA(BEL)) 62 bible theo languages field prep
Certificate of Biblical and Theological Studies (CBTS) 30 bible theology general

Degree Locations

Name Dallas Houston D.C. Extensions Online
Ministry Master’s Degrees
Master of Theology (ThM) 60%
Master of Divinity* (MDiv) N/A
General Academic Programs
Master of Sacred Theology (STM) N/A
Ministry Master’s Degrees
MA in Biblical Counseling (MA/BC) 46%
MA in Christian Education (MA/CE) 67%
MA in Christian Leadership (MA/CL) 67%
MA in Cross-cultural Ministries (MA/CM) 67%
MA in Media Arts & Worship (MA/MW) 67%
General Academic Programs
MA in Biblical Studies (MA(BS)) 100%
MA in Biblical Exegesis & Linguistics (MA(BEL)) 20%
Certificate of Biblical and Theological Studies (CBTS) 100%
Doctoral Programs
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) N/A
Doctor of Ministry (DMin) N/A
Doctor of Educational Ministry (DEdMin) N/A
DMin en Español (DMin) N/A
Chinese Language Programs
Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) 100%
Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MA(CS)) 100%

ThM or MDiv?

The ThM program at DTS is a full year longer than other seminaries' MDiv programs. Graduates continually affirm that their outreach is broader and their spiritual life is deeper because of this extra year of study and spiritual formation. Compare ThM to MDiv

66 Books in Every Degree

Every DTS degree includes a core of 20 hours in Bible instruction and 18 hours in theological education. That means you get to study every book of the Bible (including Obadiah!) and you get an entire semester devoted to studying God as Trinity.

Dozens of Degree Options

In addition to the five ministry MA degrees, the ThM degree overs more than 30 emphases from apologetics to worship.