In addition to scholarships, Direct loans, and the monthly payment plan, there are other ways to finance your education at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Foundation Grants

Some students have secured sizable grants by locating foundations associated with their parents, employers, regional areas, scholastic ability, or personal vocational interests. Before arriving on campus, students may research these options at a local library and on the Internet.

Students with Physical Disabilities

Students who have physical disabilities and are enrolled or will be enrolled at DTS should contact the Texas Rehabilitation Commission regarding financial aid for the disabled. Students in this category will also be considered for financial assistance by the Financial Aid Office, provided the necessary forms have been submitted.

Canadian Student Loans

Canadian students may secure low-interest, deferred payment loans under this program through participating banks in their province of residence.

Additional Support

Supporters who want to give funds to a specific DTS student may do so by completing the Third Party Giving Form and submitting with payment. Any payment which has the result directly or indirectly of funding a specific person's account will not be tax deductible (Rev. Rule 83-104).