The best mix of live and online allows you to finish one course in 3 days or two courses in 5 days.

Hybrid Format

Hybrid courses are online courses that come together for 2-3 days at locations all across the country. 


SuperWeek allows you to combine two trips into one: come to campus for one week and complete the face-to-face component of two hybrid classes in five days.

image describing the hybrid class format

Upcoming SuperWeeks Courses

This is a list of all SuperWeeks (five days, two courses) scheduled at our locations around the US. See the schedule page and click on the “Mobile Seminary” box to find other upcoming hybrid courses.

Fall 2020San Antonio11/16-11/18MTWEML5330Humphries
Fall 2020San Antonio11/18-11/20WRFEML5340Wiesepape
Summer 2021AtlantaTBDTBDST5103TBD
Summer 2021AtlantaTBDTBDST5104TBD
Summer 2021San AntonioTBDTBDST5103TBD
Summer 2021San AntonioTBDTBDST5104TBD
Summer 2021Fort WorthTBDTBDBE5105TBD
Summer 2021Fort WorthTBDTBDEML5105TBD