Dallas Theological Seminary students may earn academic credit for work done through a variety of ministry-enhancement programs or special conferences and seminars offered through parachurch ministries or local churches. These special learning opportunities may be taken as a foundation for independent study in a student’s track or concentration or as free electives.

Some examples of ministry-enhancement programs in which students have participated as a foundation for independent study are:

  • BILD International
  • CASA Academy (Christian Association Serving Adults)
  • Church Discipleship Ministry through the Navigators
  • T-Net (Training Network for Disciple-Making Churches)
  • Willow Creek Association’s leadership training programs
  • Youthfront (formerly Sonlife Ministries)
  • Students who desire to participate in a ministry-enhancement program for independent study credit must have prior approval from the department in which they desire to receive academic credit, and must complete the Independent Study Request form available from the Registrar’s office prior to registration.

Special Topics

Dallas Seminary has a more formal relationship with some ministry organizations that provide specialized training for ministry. In such cases, students may participate in these special programs under the umbrella of the Special Topics course listed as a 905 course under the departmental listing of courses in this catalog. These experiences are normally pre-approved and require only the submission of the Special Topics approval form available from the Registrar’s office.

In most cases, the programs in which students participate for Special Topics credit require additional registration fees. To help offset these additional fees, the Seminary will reimburse the approved organization up to 50 percent of the student’s tuition. Most Special Topics programs are offered off-campus, and some are offered at various locations around the United States (or occasionally in other countries). In these cases, students will need to plan for travel costs and living expenses as well.

Some of the approved programs through which students may earn Special Topics credit are listed below.

Program Opportunities